The hike to Capanna Margherita is a personal challenge; an endurance test; a wish you want to satisfy; an unexpected sensation; a journey to your core and above all, an irrational and, fortunately, an unquenchable adventure. But, you cannot control a trekking adventure in high altitude mountains, you can only plan, wish for it and then entrust yourself to the whims of the wind, the snow, and when the time calls for it, know when to give up. It can never be a touch and go experience, because it is a journey that starts with a wish and never ever stops.
With the guides from Alagna you will find your personal route to Capanna Margherita, entrusting your safety as well as your wishes to a professional; someone who personifies passion and who was born in these mountains.


day 1
Meeting point at the agency: Lyskamm Viaggi, in Alagna at 2pm. Equipment check of each skier and technical gear and equipment distribution. There is a cableway ride up to Indren and from there, a hike on foot to Capanna Gnifetti, where we should arrive at 5pm. It is a short, 30 minute, but tough hike from the cableway at Indren to Gnifetti, but we’ll do it calmly with long breaks to lessen the problems mountain sickness, caused by the difference in level of over 1000mt, can give. Dinner will be served in the hall reserved for the guides and overnight stay.
day 2
hike to Capanna Margherita starts at the crack of dawn, roped and accompanied by a guide who will take you on a memorable journey. We will complete the ascent around mid morning and after a short snack break, we return to Gnifetti for a drink together. From here, we hike down to Punta Indren and back to Alagna by cableway again.